Female Fire Fighters

In rural Brandenburg, Germany, two women are standing their ground at the voluntary fire brigade.

2018, 30 Min, Documentary, 16:9, DCP,
(original) German title: Feuerwehrfrauen

Angela and Regina, tough and down to earth as they are, manage over and again to make their voices heard by their comrades. We join the two firewomen in their clubs and on nocturnal missions in rural Brandenburg, Germany. Every single day the two women prove themselves anew, relying on rough jokes as well as passion for this challenging job – and stand their ground in what seems to be a male domain.

PRODUCER Britta Strampe
PRODUCTION MANAGER Marie-Christine Ernst
EDITING Irem Schwarz, Susanne Ocklitz
SOUND Alexandra Praet
MUSIC Henning Fuchs
RE-RECORDING Alexandra Praet, Constantin Kirsten
LINE PRODUCER: Holger Lochau, Andrea Wohlfeil
PRODUCTION: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF


  • Mai. 2018, Neise Film Festival, Germany

FEUERWEHRFRAUEN_Filmstill_ (3) Kopie 
FEUERWEHRFRAUEN_Filmstill_ (2) Kopie 
FEUERWEHRFRAUEN_Filmstill_ (1) Kopie 
FEUERWEHRFRAUEN_Filmstill_ (4) Kopie 
FEUERWEHRFRAUEN_Filmstill_ (5) Kopie

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