Forward Motion

23 year-old Imo has been in jail for 4 years because of aggravated assault charges and needs to find his way to freedom.

2014, 30 Min, Documentary, 16:9, DCP
(original) German title: Vorwärtsgang
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A portrait of four young unemployed people, who are part of a work-orientation project in Brandenburg.

2012, 28 Min, Documentary, 16:9, HDCAM
(original) German title: Arbeitswege

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Truthahn_und_Diamanten (3)

Turkeys and Diamonds

When love fades away two lovers become flatmates, raising the question: carry on as before or go separate ways? A film about the desire of living one’s dreams forever.

2011, 20 Min, Fiction, 16:9, HDCAM
(original) German title: Truthahn und Diamanten

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Lothar Erdmann

A portrait of the successful GDR television presenter Lothar Erdmann, the owner of a well-kept secret which, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, slowly comes to light.

2010, 13 Min, Documentary, 4:3, Digibeta

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The 12-part docu-soap “Zwischenspiel” (interlude), followes the theater group “Die Fäustlinge” during their rehearsels of a theater piece. Showing the initial rehearsals untill the premiere, seven young people are being accompanied by the camera.

Dokusoap – 12 episodes of 30 minutes each.
(official) German title: Zwischenspiel

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